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Guttering Services by Oxforce

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Looking for a local guttering company in the Cotswolds?


There has been a recent  upsurge from householders and developers in the use of quality metal materials for rainwater systems recognising the benefits of very strong high capacity systems that come with with attractive finishes that work consistently for many years.

Aluminium Seamless Guttering

We have been involved in installing Aluminium seamless guttering for 30 years and know the benefits of this proven, high capacity rainwater  system which is available in a range of colours, not only are there no joints except corners but an effective leafguard grid is available to keep out leaves and debris from the gutter.


Looking for a guttering company? Why not use Oxforce for an integrated solution. 

Aluminium seamless guttering stow on the wold
Aluminium Sectional guttering cotswolds
Aluminium Sectional Guttering

Replicating the look of traditional cast iron heritage type aluminium sectional guttering gives a long term lighter weight alternative in a vast range of powder coated paint colours. We also use contemporary box guttering fabricated from aluminium and including bespoke details not available from stock items.


We fit Rainclear aluminium gutter systems

Rainclear guttering swindon logo
Valley gutters

Seamless Valley Guttering Powder-coated aluminium is the most effective, efficient and professional system for large buildings. We can fit any length of gutter, either by removing and replacing original guttering, or inserting a liner into the existing gutter.


Valley guttering
Cast iron guttering

The quality and longevity of cast iron guttering has been proven with many systems still in place and operating 100 years from first installation. Much of this is down to the quality of the original product and the initial installation and decorative process. Oxforce use materials from major manufacturers to ensure the quality of the product, these can be supplied factory painted for a long lasting uniform finish.


We fit Rainclear cast iron gutter systems

Cast Iron guttering cotswolds
Rainclear guttering swindon logo
Zinc & Copper guttering

Robust Zinc and copper gutter systems are becoming more popular in a range of styles that have large capacities and that special look, we use quality materials from market leading suppliers to ensure continuity of appearance and performance.


We also install Infinity Galvanised steel guttering

Zinc and copper guttering cotswolds
Rainwater Harvesting

A wide range of powder coated aluminium rainwater pipes are available, in a vast range of styles and colours, whether it be on a Georgian Church or a new build contemporary designed house. Plumbing into Rainwater harvesting  systems and water butts is made easy.


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rainwater pipes cotswolds
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