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Our garden rooms and home offices come pre-fabricated ready for assemble in a layout and style to suit you.


by Oxforce

Looking for a company who build Home Offices in the Cotswolds?


Run your business from the comfort of your own garden, go to the gym, play pool, paint or craft in your new workshop. Whatever the reason Oxforce has the perfect garden building.



Part of the Home Office range, the MI6 building incorporates insulated attractive design with the latest technical innovations such as solar panels and a ‘ battery wall’ for sustained economic use, with superfast broad band and a wifi hotspot you can work in relaxed comfort, safe in the knowledge, your knowledge is safe.


The Bunker

The Bunker is the ideal answer if your really pushed for space or fearing attack from without, survive tomorrows challenges in your own subterranean world.

Bond Suite 

Relax with a chilled dry Martini in the Bond Suite, you may be shaken but theres no need to stir from this luxury pad.

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